Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Who knew it would turn into this?

Hi friends!

When I signed up as a demonstrator a little less than 6 years ago, I was looking to get a discount on supplies for this new craft that intrigued me and, oh yes, to get out of the house and socialize a bit.   I didn't know how to stamp, didn't have a background in art, didn't know much about the company, but EVERYTHING WAS COLOR COORDINATED and I NEEDED to get my hands on these products!  I didn't want to pay full price.  So, I jumped in feet first and my journey has been amazing!

The doors to my house have been blessed with the most amazing women coming and going for years.  I have friends and acquaintances locally and across the country who have made my life richer for knowing them.  How cool is it that I surrounded by women who can talk incessantly about stamps, ink, paper, punches, framelits, catalogs, layouts, fancy folds and color combos for hours on end?  These women have shared with me more than their passion for creating.  They have shared pieces of their lives with me as they and their family members went through challenges big and small.  We've bonded over scraps of paper, tea, water and snacks, which my team members and hostesses graciously share with Tom and Sarah.  We've laughed at Cleo racing around the house with glee as she greeted her friends and hoped she didn't get TOO excited (you know what I'm talking about ladies).

Last week I hit a personal goal and milestone with my Stampin' Up! business.... I met my goal of $100,000 in career sales.  Somewhere along the way, my discount turned into a business that I run during my non-work, non-wife, non-mother hours.  I've been blessed that I have been able to attend seven Stampin' Up! events in Hamilton (Ontario, Canada), Phoenix, Nashville, Orlando and three events in Salt Lake City, paid in full with my business earnings, where I've exchanged approximately 1100 swaps and met even more amazing ladies. This summer I am fortunate enough to be returning to Salt Lake for my eighth event with five of my friends!  I am so JAZZED to be going!  I've also been able to furnish and stock my craft room with gobs of Stampin' Up! COLOR COORDINATED products and purchase some 'extras' for the family.

I signed up for the discount and a social life.... who knew it would turn into this?

To the women who have shared my journey and have blessed my life, THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

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