Sunday, June 5, 2011

The women in my life...

I've been truly blessed by the women in my life - my mother, my daughter, my sister-in-law, my nieces, my cousins, my downline, my up-line, my customers and my friends.

Before I started my SU journey, I was a working mom who primarily focused on my family, my work and cleaning my house. Good priorities for sure, except maybe for the cleaning part (LOL), but I was a bit lonely.

My Stampin' Up! journey has opened my life up to wonderful possibilities. I've been to Convention in Salt Lake City, Leadership in Phoenix and Leadership in Nashville, and a Regional Seminar in Hamilton Canada. I have a group of 8 friends around the country and Canada who are very successful, dynamic, nice, friendly, and warm. We openly share ideas, questions, thoughts, opinions, support and friendship. We met in Phoenix and bonded over dinner one night.

I have a group of 15 or so local Demonstrator friends who meet fairly regularly to stamp together at our parties (a.k.a. "meetings"), learn from each other and share ideas, questions, thoughts, support and friendship.

I have close stamping friends who can talk obsessively with me for hours about the NEW stamps, ink, paper, buttons, ribbons...

I have friends (a.k.a "customers") who bless my home with enthusiasm, energy, friendship, creativity and joy.

and most importantly... the MAN in my life... likes that I have all the WOMEN in my life and doesn't mind the house being overtaken by women laughing and stamping!

Thanks to all of the women who bless my life! I'm off to go to the Canal Days Festival with my daughter (ahhh.... now THAT'S a blessing!)....

AND.... I'm going to CONVENTION in Salt Lake City in July..... with 6,000 crazy stampin' ladies!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our springtime guests..

We had a nest of baby robins in our garage this spring. The picture of the babies peeking their heads out was a day or two after they were born! The picture of the bird sitting on the chair
was the first day the baby left the next and started to fly! One of the babies had trouble flying in a straight line at first.... the baby flew right into our dog Cleo before making a U-turn and flying out of the garage! Yes - that is what you think it is on the chair. It is a baby after all!